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Vision2Solution consultants are committed to providing Practical and Experience Based advice in order to assist our clients in reaching their Online Business and Web Solution goals.   Some of our common Consulting Offerings are explained below.  Tailored consulting packages are also available on request.

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We would be delighted to elaborate of our Services.  For more information, please feel free to Email Us anytime.

eBusiness Strategy

There are many cases where eBusiness Initiatives have created significant confusion and challenges within organisations.  Vision2Solution aim to filter out the hype for our clients and articulate eBusiness concepts as Critical Business Capabilities and Associated Solutions.  Our 5 step Methodology creates a framework around how to approach eBusiness initiatives.  Vision2Solution Consultants facilitate eBusiness Initiatives by Challenging Assumptions in a similar way to our client’s customers would.

Interactive Web Solutions

Web systems are only as good as their ability to lead end users to a point where they begin an Interactive Dialogue with an organisation.  Vision2Solution Consultants work with our Client’s content providers formulating “Journeys” based on user categories that aim to entice end users to follow a “Path to Closure”.  Our Methodology is based on the idea, “Tell end users where they can go, not where they already are.”.

Digital Asset Preservation

The proliferation of Digital Assets have created an environment where Maintaining and Preserving Digital Capital within an organisation has become highly challenging.  Categorisation, Registration and Management of Digital Assets is often over engineered and ultimately the original problem.  Vision2Solution Consulting Services advise our Clients on procedures and trade-offs that can bring this nightmare back under control.

Business Improvements

There is an age old saying, “The Pain is in the Process”. Vision2Solution have taken this message to heart and worked on every area of our own business to optimise our own processes.   Using either our own  Methodology where we Quantify Process Pain and Recommends Enhancements including Predicted Improvements or Industry standard processes including Six Sigma, Vision2Solution advise and assist our clients with our practical and results driven approach.

eBusiness System Reviews

No matter how successful an existing eBusiness system appears, online business represents challenges that are often difficult or impossible to meet within the desired timeframes.  Vision2Solution Consulting Services engage in system reviews that aim to identify Strengths for Amplification, Weaknesses for Eradication, Risk Areas for Pro-active Monitoring and Opportunities for Added Benefit within our Client’s existing solutions.

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